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perma liner pipe lining

We are at the forefront of non-evasive pipe repair and pipe lining applications.

We are a certified and authorized Perma-Liner™ Installer and can repair your broken pipes without cutting floors!  


The entire staff at Gem Statewide Plumbing has completed a three day pipe lining and pipe repair course provided by Perma liner industries. This pipe lining course is a hands on training group that emphasizes the proper techniques of mixing and installation of perma liners resin and sleeving. When properly installed, this product has a minimum life span of 50 years.

before and afterIf 100% permaliner products are used on your pipe lining procedure Perma Liner industries offers a 50 year manufacturer warranty on your home. The non evasive pipe repair system is used to line 2” to 4” pipes up to 120 feet plus. Gem Statewide Plumbing is an expert at performing 3” to 4” and 4” to 6” pipe flow transition which means we can line all the pipes under your home all the way to the city sewer if pipes are made up of cast iron, clay, PVC, etc.

We have done our homework and have found . . . we are one of the few companies that have a clean background checked, fully certified from Perma liner, professional installation crew with the rare honor of telling our customers “ We have never had to dig up one of our installations”. We service the entire State of Florida and will always give our customer the lowest possible price in the industry.

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perma liner pipe lining